Power Up with Team Management Profile

“I can’t believe how accurate it is.”

 “I now really understand how I fit into the team and where I can add the most value.”

”Spookily accurate!”

“Amazing insight and a really accurate summary of my strengths.”


As the leader of a team who is keen to maximise contribution and benefit from the collective power of the team, you’ve probably been faced with these challenges:

  • How do you maximise everyone’s contribution?
  • How do you help the team understand and build on their business strengths?
  • How do you build trust quickly in the team?
  • How do you build a solid understanding of team dynamics?
  • How do you create clear, effective communication channels?

We’ve built the Team Management Profile into our Pants On The Outside team development programme because it helps teams to heighten understanding of individual and team strengths and encourage collaboration to unleash this team power and you get much better results from your team!

Here’s how we use it and 10 reasons why that’s good for you……

1. Team Management Profile is a BPS validated psychometric which ensures that you get to work with a meaningful tool based on sound principles and extensive research.

2. The profile is completed online so it’s accessible from anywhere in the world and is quick and easy to complete. You’ll find it very easy for your teams to fit it into their workload.

3. Everyone gets a deadly accurate individual report which focuses on Leadership Strengths, Decision Making, Interpersonal Skills and Team Building. This makes compelling reading and there is an immediate resonance between what’s in the report and what they have experienced in the past. As a result, your people get a better understanding of why they work the way they do, why others work the way they do and how to improve their influence with others.

4. The language of Team Management Profile is both business focused and user-friendly, meaning that people ‘get it’ straight away and can quickly apply it to their own experience. No management gobbledygook!

5. We bring Team Management Profile to your business which means there’s minimum disruption for your team, your operation and your customers. Familiar surroundings make it so much easier to get straight to the heart of the exercise without having to settle in somewhere first.

5. Our expert team review the team results and create a bespoke event that ensures the team have time to explore their individual profiles and to understand each other’s, so that differences and similarities of preference are explored and understood, and team strengths (and risk areas) are identified and addressed. We don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t matter.

7. Our expert facilitators ensure that the event is both engaging and interactive, meaning that team understanding is deepened, challenges are explored, action points are surfaced and next steps agreed by the whole team. They leave ready, willing and able to work smarter together.

8. You’ll also receive some expert analysis and input to help you as the Line Manager fully understand the team dynamic and how to unleash the superpowers that exist within the team.

9. Ongoing coaching support is provided to all team members to embed learning and help individuals to fully harness their Superpowers, by using their preferences to improve work performance and collaboration. This is a big thing for you as it’s what makes the learning stick and gets you that return on investment you are looking for.

10. Everyone is equipped with a cape and a mask.  They are perfect visual reminders that reinforce the preferences amongst team members and add a little quirkiness to the programme, which is something that people appreciate.

Power Up with Team Management Profile is Episode 2 in the Pants On The Outside trilogy. It allows teams to build on the business context defined by Big Picture® and sets them up for the final part of the journey, where the business context and team powers combine and the team create a movie that tells their story of how business success will be achieved.

AKA Kate Hargreaves

The Magnificent Chameleon AKA Kate Hargreaves heads up our Team Management Profile work so if you think Power Up with Team Management Profile might be for you, or if you have any questions, give the Magnificent Chameleon a call on 01253 675880 or email heroes@pantsontheoutside.com


3 thoughts on “Power Up with Team Management Profile

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  2. Joseph Ohene-Poku December 10, 2012 at 2:43 pm Reply

    Could you please give me more information about the Team Management Profile

    • The Wild Phantom AKA Bev Holden December 14, 2012 at 2:10 pm Reply

      Hello Joseph. You can visit http://www.tmsdi.com for full details but perhaps we can talk offline about your current team challenges, I can give you a more tailored response. Thanks for your question and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Bev aka The Wild Phantom

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