Big Picture™ for Business Superheroes

“A Seismic revelation, a terrific insight, great!”

 “Really positive, love the mechanism of how it plays out, something to come back to at regular intervals – fantastic!”

“Stimulated to do something different as a result.”

“Much more useful than I imagined.”

“Interesting to understand other people’s views.”


As a People Professional who believes in the power of the team you’ve probably wrestled with these challenges:

  • How do we build trust quickly in the team?
  • How do we encourage healthy conflict to enrich the outputs?
  • How do we get commitment levels up so that people are ………..?
  • How do we encourage accountability equally across the team?
  • How do we keep the focus on results and ensure people take action?

We’ve built Big Picture™ into our Pants On The Outside team development programme because it helps us to build the right behaviours in teams at the same time as tackling real business issues!

Here’s how we use it and 10 reasons why that’s good for you……

1. We bring Big Picture™ to your business which means there’s minimum disruption for your team, your operation and your customers and it keeps costs down. The familiar surroundings make it so much easier to get straight to the heart of the exercise without having to settle in somewhere first.

2. Our expert facilitators can work with the whole team or one to one which gives you the flexibility to work around operational and customer needs; you can maintain the service standards your customers expect and still complete the activity with no loss of quality in terms of outcome.

3. You can see your whole business on just one page and that level of simplicity provides insight that cannot be as easily achieved with words. It inspires broader thinking, creativity and innovation.

4. The inter-dependencies between the parts of your organisation leap off the page. It becomes very obvious, very quickly just how each of the business functions are “inter-twingled” and how they impact on each other.

5. The current reality in your business unfolds in front of everyone. It provides absolute clarity on the reality of where you are now so that the way forward can be clearly mapped out. And there’s alignment within the team too in terms of how they see the business and it’s priorities.

6. Obstacles (or villains in Pants-parlance) are revealed. The scale of your challenge becomes apparent and the team can prioritise the actions that will have the greatest impact on the business.

7. Opportunities are uncovered too, and usually in abundance. Big Picture™ provides the conditions for a thorough discussion that avoids endless repetition about things that don’t matter and cuts to the quick to save you time. It provides your teams with a wealth of opportunities to start working on and the motivation and desire to get cracking.

8. We provide all the materials you need to do Big Picture™ on the day and to run your own sessions afterwards, and it’s all branded for you. There’s no preparation for you or the participants. Simply walk into the room armed with an outcome in mind, bring along your facilitation skills and encourage the teams to bring along their own personal brand of insight and the session can begin. The branding makes it feel like it really “belongs” to you and the team.

9. You have access to remote support afterwards. You’ll learn a lot from the facilitators about how to use Big Picture™ but sometimes you need a little extra help.  We provide that support “just in time,” as you fly solo and prepare for and deliver Big Picture™ sessions in the future. This will continue to build on your thinking and keep your Big Picture ™ conversations right up to date.

10. We use paper, pencils, stickers, Frisbees and poker chips and absolutely no Power Point! This is a real key benefit for many of our customers. Tired of PowerPoint, they enjoy creating a visual representation of their business reality that encourages team interactions. It holds people’s attention much more effectively, and the result often finds pride of place on the office wall for everyone to see.

Big Picture™ for Superheroes is the start point for the Pants On The Outside journey. It provides the business context that the team needs to be able to progress to the next stage where they uncover their own powers and learn how to upgrade them and use them well.

The Wild Phantom AKA Bev Holden heads up our Big picture™ team so if you think Big Picture™ for Business Superheroes might be for you, or if you have any questions then give the Wild Phantom a call on 01253 675880 or email



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