Unleashing Superheroes

The path to business success is strewn with challenges and obstacles, and an abundance of opportunities!

Your purpose is to equip your people to be awesome enough to face into the challenges and agile enough to grasp opportunities with both hands. That’s no mean feat!


How do you get your people to answer their calling, to take the first step into the unknown, to know their allies and their enemies, to face the inevitable tests and trials that can lead to victory or defeat, and to return from their adventures with tales of triumph and a deeper understanding of their unique ‘powers’?


Pants On The Outside™ is where the worlds of movie making and high performance team working collide. It delivers an immersive learning experience to unleash the Superheroes in your business, creating a passion for improvement and a desire to get results by slaying the villains and learning to fly – metaphorically speaking, of course!

Are you ready to unleash the power of your team?

Clear Thinking Partnership and Newmill Digital Media have joined forces and pooled their extensive experience to create ‘Pants on the Outside’.



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