Getting some wind beneath your cape……

A fifth and final reflection about capes (and learning) from The Magnificent Chameleon.

We set up our stand at World of Learning feeling a little like the odd one out; we were first timers and we looked a bit different to our fellow exhibitors, having set up our stand to look like a film set.

We were also bringing a unique team development offering to the good people of L&D and we weren’t sure what they would think. So we donned our capes and masks, we threw our shoulders back, stood tall and let our capes billow in whatever breeze there was in Hall 3a of the NEC.

In response to our enthusiasm for our product, our visitors added so much more ‘wind beneath our capes’ with their positive comments about “daring to be different” and “standing out from the crowd”. We got some great advice too.

Whilst there can be safety and comfort in the familiar, its OK to be distinctive and find a way to stick out, gauge the reaction and let others breathe a little life into our ideas. That can open up a world of possibilities.

And back in the real world……

What idea do you need to get a little wind behind to see if it will fly? Who could you share it with? What will you ask them?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our series of reflections on cape-wearing and assuming that you will not be held back from putting on your metaphorical cape, maybe you will share some stories about your ‘cape-wearing’ exploits, tell us what worked for you and what you are planning to try next!

If you want to see more of what happened at World of Learning, visit where you’ll see the latest Pants Movie about our exploits.


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