Are you ready to play?


The Pants Team got a little playful with the Big Picture stand!

Here’s the 4th in our handful of cape related posts……

Work can be a serious business, which will come as no surprise to you! In the last week we’ve been reading about how workload and management style are two of the three primary causes of stress at work as the CIPD released its latest Absence Management Survey.

Visitors at World Of Learning were telling us how work had been a very serious business over recent months and they were ready for some fun and something a little different to the norm, which must go some way to explaining this……

Armed with an array of colourful satin capes, we had in the back of our minds that it would be great if we could get our visitors to have some fun and test drive our capes whilst on the stand. But we had a nagging doubt that people might overlook the serious business message we had to deliver if we were just dressing them up.

We were more than a little delighted when visitors, unprompted by the Pants Team, really got into the spirit of Pants On The Outside and started asking for a spot of “cape action” for themselves.

Spurred on by their colleagues, visitors modelled a range of brightly coloured satin capes, representing the preferences from the Team Management Profile, accompanied by shrieks of laughter and lots of photos, which were subsequently transmitted electronically far and wide. We even had a celebrity visitor, when Declan Curry from the BBC modelled the pale blue of the Upholder Maintainer during a fleeting visit to the stand.

We’d hoped that people would be willing to get involved but we were overwhelmed with their enthusiasm for wearing capes and masks, in public! People left us feeling energised and curious….two very resourceful states when exploring a trade show! Tapping into your inner child at the right moment is a certain way to harness your creativity and break out of your usual routine, so it’s definitely to be encouraged and we’re glad that we could help in a small way.

And back in the real world……

How do you find ways to let your inner child run free at work? When did you last ask “why, why, why, why why”? What could you do to be a bit playful today (and not get into trouble!!) And what could you do to encourage your team to be playful too? 

Our last post in this series is about getting some wind beneath your cape…..whooooosh!

We’re updating our website this week so we hope you’ll pop over for a look sometime at and see what’s happening there too.


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