Be more than memorable……wear a cape!

The Magnificent Chameleon is back with more on ‘swishing’ capes!

It was lunchtime and I was still wearing my cape as I swished past a bunch of exhibitors tucking into their lunch just outside the exhibition. I noticed them whispering and nodding in my direction, one pointed me out and asked another what they thought I was doing. Quick as a flash he replied, as if it was the most normal thing in the world, “Oh, she’s from Pants on the Outside!” Nods of understanding and, dare I say approval, circulated round the group. This ticked a big box for me. Fundamentally the decision to wear capes was about making our brand memorable. It seems we did!

The Superhero theme for our product came in a flash of inspiration at a planning meeting some months earlier. It’s memorable in itself and it’s a concept that people find it easy to connect with. Most people will have come across a Superhero story at some point in their lives, they understand what it means to have a special power and to use it to do good for others.

And it translates beautifully into the workplace. Everyone has (or could have) a special power that they bring to work, a unique combination of skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that contribute to the success of the business if they are used wisely….but sometimes they don’t recognise their powers or the good they can do!

I remember an assignment where the team leader described how his team were brilliant in a crisis, they had exactly the right combination of ‘powers’ to deal with the difficult stuff, they always rose to the challenge when the drama was happening, and he was immensely proud of them for that.

However, as soon as the crisis was over they took off their capes (metaphorically speaking) and went back to being their everyday, and rather less impressive, alter-egos. He wanted them to use their ‘powers’ much more of the time, but first they had to acknowledge what they were!

So, back in the real world……

What’s the thing you are known and valued for at work? When do you do your best work? What do people come and ask you for help with? These are the things that make you memorable at work… are you making the most of these very valuable ‘powers’? 

Next up, how we inspired people to turn themselves into superheroes there and then!



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