Curiosity……and the cape

More from the Magnificent Chameleon following our exploits at World of Learning.

‘Curiosity is essential for progress. Only when we look to worlds beyond our own can we really know if there’s room for improvement.’ Simon Sinek

It is unusual to see someone wearing a yellow cape at a business focused convention, and it’s the things that are out of the ordinary that tend to pique people’s curiosity……but do you take action and actually do something when your curiosity is piqued? Do you scratch beneath the surface of what you see?

The lady cleaning the loos couldn’t contain herself, as I swished in (yes, I was developing a pronounced swish by then!) she blurted out her question – “What are you wearing a cape for?” We exchanged a few words and she seemed satisfied although possibly still perplexed. This lady was certainly curious enough to ask about the world I appeared to be living in; though I’m not sure she saw cape-wearing as a necessary improvement in her own world.

She wasn’t the only one who asked the question and its reassuring that there are plenty of inquisitive people out there, but are we curious enough?

And back in the real world……

What do you do every day to help people to be more curious? How do you encourage them to ask the kind of questions that build their knowledge and understanding of other perspectives? How much more could you do?

Our next post is about …..err….what was it now, oh yes, being memorable! is where movie making and team development collide and where business superheroes are unleashed on the real world! We hope you’ll take a look……


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