Start your conversations……with a cape

AKA Kate Hargreaves

Reflections on how to wear a cape to get noticed, from The Magnificent Chameleon!

Ok, so I am a bit of a thespian, and I have been known to dress up in odd stuff and prance about on stage, but usually the stage is the limit of my dressing up activities. However, in the recent past I’ve been proudly parading around the NEC in Birmingham wearing a yellow cape and superhero mask, all in the name of business development.

Before our two-day stint at World of Learning, showcasing ‘Pants on the Outside’ to the movers and shakers of Learning & Development, I wasn’t fully aware of the benefits that wearing a cape in public can bring. I certainly am now!!

Here’s the first in a series of 5 posts about the benefits of wearing capes!

Benefit #1/5 – It’s a real conversation starter.

Wandering about in my yellow cape provoked numerous “I like your cape” comments from complete strangers, who then launched into interesting stories about the benefits on snowboarding in a cape, apparently its uber cool, through to wearing a flowing black Darth Vader cape to a ‘Hollywood’ themed party when everyone else turned up in black tie! I suspect that these conversations simply wouldn’t have happened if I’d been wearing my usual (more) conservative work wear.

The Wild Phantom (or my business partner Bev, for the uninitiated) found herself accompanied by her very own superhero theme tune as she made her way through the exhibition. Inspired by the cape, a gentleman sang a few bars of something befitting a superhero in full flight as Bev passed through the stands, but unfortunately he couldn’t be persuaded to follow her about all day doing it….shame!

And back in the real world……

What would make you start a conversation with a stranger? And will you do it, today? Do tell us what happened!

We’ll be back soon with our next post about curiosity. is where movie making and team development collide. Take a look……


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