Lone Nuts……and First Followers

So, over the last 2 days we have shown the World (of Learning) our “Pants”! We’ve spoken to the movers and shakers of Corporate Learning & Development and enthusiastically shared our philosophy for team development, showing them how we deliver that philosophy in our own unique way.

What do we do now? Well…..today we reflect!

Those of you familiar with learning theory will know that John Dewey stated, “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” The Learning Cycle, developed by David Kolb, is based on the belief that deep learning (learning for real comprehension) comes from a sequence of experience, reflection, abstraction, and active testing – it’s a form of mental processing, a form of good quality thinking.

Before we do anything else, before we race to take action on the many stimulating and thought-provoking conversations we had over Tuesday and Wednesday this week, we are pausing for thought, we’re unpicking our experience, thinking quietly about it and talking together about what it might mean.

Not only does it serve us well as an approach, but it’s our way of “walking the talk”, of doing the right thing, and role modelling best practice to the people we work with. Reflection is integral to the Pants On The Outside experience, it’s what helps us to make learning happen and it is what ensures the action that follows is robust and more likely to deliver the right outcome.

After this brief pause for reflection, we’ll be back with some insights……in the meantime, here’s something for all those people who took time to come and see us at World Of Learning this week. You have truly inspired us and we’re happy to have made a connection with you. If you have a few minutes, take a look at this TED Talk by Derek Sivers.

We consider ourselves to be ‘Lone Nuts’, and many of you have confirmed this over the past few days, but we also now know that we have our ‘First Followers’, that’s you; and we’re very glad to have you on board for the (super)hero’s journey. Brace yourself as we head towards a tipping point and start a Pants On The Outside movement……


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