What power do ALL Superheroes need? Bounce-back-ability!

To mark the launch of Pants On The Outside at World of Learning this week, we have something special for you from Ian Pettigrew of Kingfisher Coaching. Ian has been kind enough to share some of his thoughts on resilience and its importance to Superheroes everywhere.

I appreciate that all Superheroes are busy and under pressure. There’s a whole world to save and a Superhero’s work is never done! Now everybody (including Superheroes) can have a bad patch once in a while when challenges and difficulties throw us off course. But as Superheroes, we need to put on a brave face and make sure that nobody realises, right? Well, actually: wrong.

There is a real paradox in resilience in that actually trying to remain rock-solid can cause us problems in the longer term. The easiest way to illustrate this is to look at the difference between a tennis ball and a table-tennis ball.

If you’re resilient, then you’re a bit like the tennis ball in this illustration; You can cope with the pressure that is being applied to you and, even thought it might be having an impact on you at the moment, you will quickly bounce back as soon as the pressure is removed.

If you’re struggling with your resilience, then you might be more like the table tennis ball in this illustration. To the outside observer, you appear to be rock-solid. However, when the pressure reaches a certain point, it makes a big impact and the bigger problem is that even when the pressure is removed, you stay ‘dented’ and don’t bounce back to normal.

So, fellow Superheroes, don’t work on maintaining a rock-solid appearance, work on maintaining your bounce-back-ability. It is a really crucial superpower and one that your fellow Superheroes can help you with so that you’ll always bounce back quickly from any difficulties and can get on with saving the world!

Ian Pettigrew runs Kingfisher Coaching. His mission is to help people, teams, and organisations to achieve peak performance by delivering on their potential and he does this through running workshops and by coaching both people and teams. Although most of his work is in the UK, he also works in the US, Sweden, and Uganda.

You can follow Ian on Twitter @kingfishercoach


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