5 days to go……we’re ready to Power-Up!

In the world of gaming, Power-Ups are objects that instantly benefit or add extra abilities to the game character. Think Power Pellets from Pac-Man and the Super Mushroom from Super Mario Bros and you’re on the right track.

In the world of Pants On The Outside™ the Power-Up equivalent is the Margerison/McCann Team Management Profile. Using this elegant psychometric profiling tool we enable teams to pick out their personal Power-Ups, cunningly disguised as work preferences and use them to propel the team to peak performance.

Let’s take Liv as an example. This is Liv who, in real life works as a Teacher, and in TMP terms is described as a Thruster Organiser. What we know about Liv is this……
– She relates to other people in an Introverted way
– She handles information in a Creative way
– She has a preference for being Analytical in her decision-making
– And likes to organise herself to work in a Structured way.

What might you see every day?
Working with Liv, what you might notice about her is that she is quieter than some others and uses the power of reflection. She will contemplate her ideas before sharing them with others so by the time they get out into the world they are well thought out and therefore well-formed.

Liv has the ability to see the bigger picture in any situation; she’s imaginative, generates ideas and looks to the future. She can also put her powers of experimentation to good use when the situation calls for it.

As a Thruster Organiser Liv is interested in gathering facts and makes decision with the goals of the team in mind. Her analytical approach helps her to assess situations and reduce risks – a very useful power!

Liv is action-oriented and likes to keep things neat, tidy, clear and orderly. She can Power-Up her skills to ensure that she delivers results on time and sticks to the targets set.

Now Liv knows these things and more about herself, she has been able to recognise them as her own personal Power –Ups that she can utilise at work and find her own brand of “flow”. They have also been used to help Liv best combine her way of working with others in her team, her Allies, so that collectively they can tackle the Villains that they face as they work towards their business goals.

More about the profiling tool itself
Created by Charles Margerison and Dick McCann, the Team Management Profile provides insight into what we like to do at work, the type of work that we have an inclination towards and thrive on and combines that with information about how we like to work.

It is a robust instrument, based on sound research into high performing teams and the psychological theory of Karl Jung and we love it because of its accessible visuals and language that make it so easy to pick up quickly and really understand. It’s also a highly pragmatic tool that makes the transition from insight and understanding to practical action very easy indeed.

As a vital step in the Pants On The Outside™ (super) hero’s journey the Team Management Profile, along with a mask and billowing satin cape, helps ordinary business folk uncover their natural preferences and start the transformation into their Superhero alter egos.

Our capes will be on display at World of Learning, 2 -3 October, NEC, Birmingham on Stand D190, so you can try them on for size and see how strong your urge to become a Superhero really is.


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