6 days to go……and 5 reasons why we’re using Big Picture

At the start of the Pants On The Outside™ (super)hero’s journey we want two things to happen, we want to generate more opportunities for the team in question to succeed and we want to expand the way they think about their business. When we utilise the power of the Big Picture Template and Path we do exactly that, and there are some other happy by-products too.

People have said……

“A Seismic revelation, a terrific insight, great!”

“Really positive, love the mechanism of how it plays out, something to come back to at regular intervals – fantastic!”

“Stimulated to do something different as a result.”

“Much more useful than I imagined.”

“Interesting to understand other people’s views.”

“If you think you know everything about your business you should think again!”

At Superhero H.Q. we have been reflecting on our work using Big Picture over the past year and a half and it seems that the benefits that we have noticed can be neatly described within the framework provided by Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team model.

What we’ve noticed is that Big Picture does at least 5 things for your team……

Firstly, it creates trust – it encourages an easy conversation where people good about talking openly and where mistakes and weaknesses are seen simply as facts that describe the reality that exists in the business.

Then it removes conflict – There is great passion in the discussions and lively debate. Because trust has been established early on there is no room for conflict to appear. Differing views are surfaced and the people involved can all see the same facts at the same time and can make reference to them easily to keep the discussion on track and productive.

It helps to secure commitment – People want to believe that their opinions count to others. The engaging nature of Big Picture means that everyone does have an opportunity to share their thoughts and develop their thinking too. It becomes easier to gain buy-in and secure commitment when everything that needs to be said has been aired publicly and nothing is hidden.

Then it creates accountability – as a plan of action becomes apparent and visible to everyone, it becomes much easier to hold each other to account if and when behaviours emerge that could sabotage the result. You have something to point at and say, ”Do you remember when we agreed to do this?”

Finally, it puts the focus on results – with a shared view of the business, an alignment in thinking and clarity about the scale of the challenges and opportunities that the team faces, individual needs become less important than the collective need of the team to achieve the goal.

Big Picture™ is the brainchild of Martin Johnson, and you can watch a short film here that goes some way to explaining the thinking that lies behind it and how it works in practice. At Superhero H.Q. we are delighted to be collaborating with Martin Johnson and the Big Picture team whilst at the World of Learning next week, and might well be seen with capes flying as we head over to the Big Picture stand to share our experiences with others.


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