7 days to go……Meet Captain Cosmic

AKA Paul Blackett

Paul Blackett dons his mask and cape to be transformed into Captain Cosmic

Today we introduce the team at superhero HQ……here’s our very own Captain Cosmic, champion of perseverance and enemy of adversity!

Cover Story:
Paul is the mild-mannered Creative Director for Newmill Digital Media, dad to twin girls. Recently, his work has taken him to lots of interesting places to produce client work – Florida, Switzerland, Cyprus, Holland, and a chicken factory in Hull. Nothing ruffles his feathers when it comes to a challenge!

Paul combines the pale blue of the Upholder Maintainer with the red of the Thruster Organiser.


  • Visionary & Creative
  • Loves turning words into pictures
  • Sociable and outgoing

Turbo Power:

A bionic eye for the detail.

Catalyst for transformation:
When words are not enough and moving pictures can tell the story more effectively

“Champion of perseverance, enemy of adversity!”

A message from Captain Cosmic:
“I have the power to conjure up brilliant creative ideas to bring your thoughts and ideas to life onscreen. I can make whatever it is you need to happen, happen…! with superbly crafted filmed content, skilfully edited, brimming with quality and perfectly positioned for your audience.

I bring a depth of experience from producing all sorts of media content large and small to the Pants On The Outside team – everything from overseas broadcast commercials to documentaries, training films to marketing promos.

I’ll teach your team what it’s like to work in front of and behind the camera on a shoot, as part of a fantastic team development experience.”

Meet Captain Cosmic at World Of Learning, 2-3 October at NEC, Birmingham on Stand D190.



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