8 days to go……the final countdown begins!

In just over 1 week, we don our capes and masks in public for the launch of Pants On The Outside at this year’s World Of Learning Conference & Exhibition in Birmingham.

Whilst we have deliberately set about making our marketing strategy quirky and attention grabbing, what lies behind the frivolity of ‘Pants’ is a serious business message. It’s a programme that’s been designed as a response to a specific need and to do it in a meaningful and pragmatic way.
Business leaders are less concerned with learning and much more excited by execution; quite right too. As a business leader you want to see performance, you want your people to get results. The ‘Pants’ formula is designed to elevate the performance of the team, to make it more effective at delivering growth, being innovative, and cutting costs.
Here are 5 ingredients that set Pants On The Outside apart……
1. We’re in an era where the collaborative learning experience is more valuable than the content itself. From a ‘Pants’ point of view the programme has been shaped to allow maximum collaboration. Under the guidance of the facilitation team, participants shape the content using robust thinking processes that allow them to uncover new knowledge in a way that makes it much easier to use back in the day job – the Holy Grail of L&D, to make learning stick!
2. Conversations both create and transmit knowledge which makes them the “stem cells of learning”. It can be tough to find the time to have the kind of conversations that propel the team, and the business, forward when teams are engaged in their everyday activities. We love to create environments where great conversations can take place, and this is at the heart of the ‘Pants’ methodology.
3. We’ve noticed, and the research tells us too, take The MacLeod Report for instance, that people do their very best work when they are given the freedom to decided how they will do what they are asked to do. This has become a cornerstone of our approach. We give people the freedom to communicate their unique story in a way that makes sense for them.
4. People come together for many reasons. When we bring people together for Pants On The Outside, for it to be deemed as a success everyone has to participate fully, but then everyone actually wants to because of the way we do it.
5. Finally, what points 1-4 do is equip teams with the know-how and experience to be effective as informal learners. And that matters to you because your budget is being squeezed and you need to move quickly to get optimum performance from your people. Informal learning is cost-effective for you, it’s when people spot opportunities to learn in all sorts of different situations and say “Every day’s a school day,” because learning takes place on the job, not in the classroom. We show teams how to come together, how to collaborate, how to communicate, how to innovate, how to create, how to experiment and how to succeed, in the real world.
Collectively we’ve, that’s the Pants People, had more than 60 years experience in this area, that includes managing teams for real and achieving great results (most of the time!), learning from the successes and failures, then bringing that together to support the teams and businesses we work with now. We’ve ‘walked the talk’ and we’re excited to be launching Pants On The Outside at a time when organisations really do need Superheroes, and so our own Hero’s Journey has begun…..

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